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Recycled Pallets

At Crate & Pallet Packaging Co., we recycle the standard 48 x 40 as well as additional size pallets in several grades to meet your requirements. Our skilled technicians inspect each and every pallet and repair damages or missing boards we find. We are a proud member of the National Wood and Pallet Container Association (NWPCA) and abide by their standards of excellence.

48x40 GMA Heat treat available
48X40 #1 Heat treat available; heat treat pass through
48X40 #2 Heat treat available

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Standard 48x40 GMA 3 Stringer 1-1/8
7 Top Deck Boards
2 - 6"
5 - 4"
5 Bottom Deck

2- 6"
5 - 4"

Custom Design & Quote

We pride ourselves in offering consistent pallet construction. We offer new wooden pallets from the standard 48x40 pallet as well as custom-built options to suit your needs. We can utilize various species of wood, providing the ideal cost / performance ratio. Each of our pallets is designed using industry-specific software to maximize the capabilities of components.

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Combination Pallets

Combo/Hybrid Pallets are pallets built with a mixture of new and used components. Combo pallets can have new stringers and used deck boards or new deck boards and used stringers. If we do not have your size pallet available in reconditioned form, you might consider the combo pallet. In some cases a pallet user may have only a few critical dimensions on the pallet. By using new material for the critical dimensions it would allow you to basically custom-tailor re-purposed pallets.

Crate Design

In addition to pallets, we also design and manufacture wood crating or boxes for virtually any sized cargo being shipped domestically or overseas. This includes products that are oversized, overweight or difficult to handle. We provide complete package engineering services down to the finest detail to assure maximum protection during transit so its contents arrive at their final destination fully intact.

Packaging Material

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  • Steel & Poly Strapping
  • Stretch Film
  • Slip Sheets
  • Tapes
  • Foam/Bubble Cushioning
  • Corrugated
  • Poly Sheeting/Bags
  • Shrink Film
  • Packaging Equipment and Service

Pallet Repair

Odd sized pallets are put through a teardown machine and our company reclaims the wood for use on pallets.

Pallet Recycling

Pallets that can no longer be circulated and/or do not have reusable lumber, are sent to a recycling center where the wood is turned into mulch. Grocery or GMA pallets: We recycle grocery pallets, i.e., 48" x 40" four-way entry pallets, are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition. A brief description of each grade follows:

Premium A grade

These pallets are our highest grade recycled pallet and are used in large wholesale club operations. These pallets do not have any plated stringer repairs, painted or colored stringers and all of these pallets have 6" leading edge boards. No softwood lumber is used in these pallets.

# 1 Grade

These pallets are similar to Premium A grades, however they may include some plated stringer repairs, colored (painted) stringers, and may have 4" and/or 6" leading edge boards.

#2 Grade

These pallets contain one or more double or sister stringer repairs per pallet. These pallets are our most economical grocery or GMA pallet.